Scammed By Financial Freedom Of America – one client’s story

Scammed By Financial Freedom Of America – one clients review of Financial Freedom Of America

Financial Freedom Of America scammed me out of thousands and by the time I realized it was too late… was too late. I truly hope that you are not ripped off by Financial Freedom of America, and that is why I have taken the time to write this article.

I first heard of Financial Freedom Of America from a radio advertisement on Sirius Cable Radio. I often listen to the Blue Collar Comedy show on Sirius while working. And they kept playing an advertisement for Financial Freedom Of America that stated they could help you with your debt and save your thousands of dollars. Being very busy working to get out of debt, and needing to clean up my credit, I finally contacted them by phone after writing down the number from the advertisement on the Blue Collar Comedy network on Sirius.

Financial Freedom Of America is a scam

Financial Freedom Of America is a scam

I fist spoke with Brad Hager. He asked all about my debt and then assured me he could get me 45 cents or less on the dollar but first I would have to fill out an application to be approved. When I received this application, I was upset at the amount of money the company required for administration fees. $362 a month, plus $29 a month, plus 10% of the debt paid off, plus more administration fees for the account I had to open. When I confronted Brad Hager about this, he assured me that it would all be rolled into the 45 cents on the dollar and of my 20,000 debt, in the end I would pay less than 10,000. But first I needed to sign the “application” to get approved. And he acted like time was running out so I must do it quickly. That;s when the first flag went up.

But, because I was very busy at the time, I signed and sent in the “application” which of course turned out to be a contract and the only was out was by a $299 fee. But that part of the story comes later.

The next thing that happened was I got an email from another employee of Financial Freedom Of America. Jennifer Jesmer who sent me a welcome kit I was to sign and return. I gave up my power of attorney by signing this. I also was asked to open up an account with a bank of their choice to place money in that they could negotiate with. Or, I could use a bank of my choice by they had to be able to monitor at all times how much I had. I chose to open up an account with them and place $5000 to start with for them to negotiate with. This was a gigantic mistake on my part. No more power of attorney, and now they had all my savings.

Let’s stop and recap the ways in which Financial Freedom Of America has screwed me so far and the subtle ways it took place.

1 – The “application” for debt reduction from Financial Freedom Of America turned out to be a flow blown contract allowing them to withdraw $300 a month from my bank account as well as a $299 cancellation fee.

2. The “welcome kit” turned out to be a way for me to lose my power of attorney for unlimited amount of time, as well as allow them to monitor my savings at all times. And to get me to open an account they have control over and not me.

You see, the kind words of “application” and “welcome kit” have just about sunk me and I still have not figured it out.

Moving on. After I set up a savings account with them, I was contacted by a woman named Shelly who tried to get me to deposit further money into my account so she could negotiate better. When I was unable to do this, she asked me to give her in writing that it was ok if she was unable to get the 45 cents on the dollar, claiming that without proper funds in the account, it would be more difficult.

I asked this Shelly person if she was an attorney,

“NO” she said,

“How long have you been doing this?” I asked Shelly.

“A few months and I love it. I am great at taking abuse. Don’t worry about me, “she said”, I was married to a marrine and he abused me all the time. I like it”

That got me thinking. That’s not a very professional thing to tell me. What also got me thinking was by this time how many different people I had spoken to at Financial Freedom Of America and why. It started to seem fishy. I told Shelly I was unimpressed by her and wanted to speak with a supervisor. She said one would contact me shortly.

A month went by, and they withdraw another $362 from my account and nothing had been done besides that. I contacted Jennifer Jesmer again and she said there was a lack in communication somewhere and would get me to a supervisor shortly.

One week went by and nothing.

I contacted Brad at Financial Freedom Of America who told me the same thing. Finally I gave up on a supervisor and contacted Brad telling him I just wanted to move forward with the negotiations. He sent me back to Jennifer who asked me for the info I had already given them about my debt collectors. So I gave it to them again.

Am I sounding like a sucker yet? If so, you are right, but I still had faith.

I resupplied my debt info and was told negotiations were in progress and to be patient. I waited one month, they withdrew another $362, I waited another month and they withdrew another $362.

Finally I gave up and demanded to know what was going on. They told me they were just about to settle the debt and they would contact me and wanted to know if I had more money to supply for the negotiation.

And that was when I

felt I was being totally ripped off by Financial Freedom Of America. I asked them to send proof of the negotiations and received nothing. Was told there was a lack of communication somewhere. And then I gave up, and wanted out of the program altogether. I was begged to stay on but refused this time. They told me i

t was $299 for a short term termination fee. Which I paid. And sure enough, the following month, another $362 was taken from my account. Not to mention the $5,000 they had in another account that I had no access too.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau and discovered just how many others had complained and some were settled and some were not.

Then I went to the bank and had my account changed and guess what? The teller had had to do the same for someone else who was scammed by Financial Freedom Of America.

Then I began to search the web to post my story in hopes to save others from the rip off scam artists called Financial Freedom Of america.

So far, they have been able to stay afloat, and perhaps they choose certain people to rip off to save face and create a false front, but there is no doubt they are out to get your money and not provide the service they claim they will.

Now I am forced to file bankruptcy and I wish the same for financial Freedom Of America.

Scammed By Financial Freedom Of America – one client’s story


Financial Freedom Of America and How They Ripped Me Off

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Financial Freedom of America is a scam.